Many people have trouble learning the sight words, also known as Dolch Words.

Our Dolch Anaglyphic Activity Set provides hours of FUN ACTIVITY IDEAS to help familiarize the student with the Dolch Words in an engaging way.

Play Go Fish or Concentration with our Dolch Word Cards.

Play BattleShip Sentences with our Sentence Building Books and Word Grids.

Combine the Dolch Word Cards, Sentence Building Books and Word Grids to create your own games!

Use Red/Green Glasses and you incorporate Eye-Teaming skills
 - BUT -
These games are effective and fun even without the Red/Green Glasses.
  Entire Elementary School Classes can play with these

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My thanks to the caring teachers who shared these ideas!


VISUAL MATCHING NEW WORDS - In a group setting, you can break your students into two teams (RED WORD TEAM, GREEN WORD TEAM). Using one of the Word Grids posted on the board, the two teams will sort their WORD CARDS into the correct order to match the grid. The first team who finishes it accurately wins! Each team could be in charge of checking the opposing team's cards.

WORD FIND - In a group setting, you can break your students into two teams (RED WORD TEAM, GREEN WORD TEAM). The teacher will shuffle the WORD CARDS prior to presentation. The teacher will present a card to both teams. The color of the word determines which team is responsible to play this round (i.e., if a GREEN word, then the GREEN TEAM plays). A Word Grid will be posted to the board. In this example, a GREEN TEAM player will need to search the Word Grid to find the matching word on the WORD CARD and provide the coordinates for that word. The opposing team is responsible for checking the accuracy. The team to correctly locate the most words wins!

WORD BUDDIES - In a group setting, the teacher would create a deck that has enough words for the entire class. The deck would be arranged so 'word pairs' are in place (i.e., using the RED WORD and GREEN WORD version of the word). Each student receives a WORD CARD which they tape to their shirt. The students then need to find another student who is wearing the word that matches theirs.

Feel Free to E-mail your activity suggestion! 

The Activity Suggestions show the versatility the Dolch Set provides. However, I have noticed that some people do not know what "Dolch Words" are.

The Dolch Words are also sometimes referred to as "Sight" Words, or "High Frequency" Words. These are the most commonly used words that appear in written language. Some individuals have difficulties learning these words because many of these words do not follow the phonological rules. In other words, they aren't spelled the way they sound. So many times, people need a multi-sensory approach to learning these. This activity set provides a great multi-sensory of fun activities that incorporate these words.
With your own creativity, the possibilities are endless!


The Dolch Anaglyphic Activity Set -
This is a GREAT set for anyone involved with visual learning skills. The Dolch words are the "sight" words necessary for efficient reading.

This set provides the following materials:

632 Dolch Word Flashcards (220 Dolch Sight Words, plus 95 Dolch Nouns in duplicate) perfect for Visual Memory Techniques or games like CONCENTRATION. Plus, as always, I provide several pages of FUN ACTIVITY IDEAS to incorporate with the cards to work on several specific visual skills.

3—Grids of various challenge levels with Dolch Words fantastic for TRACKING SKILLS Training. These grids are printed on heavy-duty cardstock and covered with matte finish Polycarbonate laminate. So, they are EXTREMELY durable. Plus, on the back of each card, I have printed FUN ACTIVITY SUGGESTIONS for using the Word Grids in the training of other specific visual skills.

3—Sentence Building Booklets of various challenge levels great for LOADING and COMBINING several VISUAL and LANGUAGE skills.

Purchase the ENTIRE kit for only $225.00.